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Welcome to my website. This site is a mixture of an academic blog and personal writings on my hobbies and interests.

I’m Back

My last post was 11 months ago…a couple of weeks later, my blog (this blog) went silent. I let my domain expire. Running a blog takes up time, and when it feels like no one is reading, it can remove any motivation that you once had. Last year I decided to let this blog die, […]

My new website: Great Hooks

I have spent the last 9-odd months slaving away in front of a computer screen in my spare time, working jointly on a project with a work colleague. The resultant website is Great Hooks. The purpose of the site is to create a worldwide directory of fishing spots, where anglers can log their catches and […]

Firefox 3D Inspect Experiment

With the launch of Firefox 11, our good friends at Mozilla gave us a HTML element inspector as standard equipment with our browser. Great stuff Mozilla, though it might take some time before I use it over the best web development software ever – Firebug. Nevertheless, Firefox’s inbuilt element inspecting software has a very cool […]

Top 10 Movies of all time

Here is my (ordered) list of my favourite movies of all time. Please leave feedback and recommend me some others! I’m sure this list will change overtime, but it is up to date as of the publishing date of this post. Enjoy! 1. Donnie Darko My all time favourite. Donnie Darko is very thought-provoking and […]

A newbies guide to Geocaching

Apparently I live under a rock. A few weeks ago I heard about a pretty cool thing calling ‘geocaching’. This is not a new thing, in fact it is more than a decade old already, has over 5 million participants in every country on earth and more than 200,000 ‘caches’ (more on this later) exist. […]

My review on the 1989 Mazda MX-5 NA6

This post differs to my usual posts on technology and philosophy; I am going to write my review on the original 23 year old Mazda MX-5 (Miata in the US). I have owned only 3 cars in my life. My first was a 1993 Toyota Camry that my parents bought me. It was your standard […]

How to display mobile design in Squiz MySource Matrix

Squiz MySource Matrix doesn’t play awfully well with mobile designs. It is easy enough to create a mobile design and bring it into Matrix, but there is no apparent way to make Matrix direct the user to the right design depending on the device they are using. Unfortunately we do not (generally) have access to […]

How to – Reverse Geocoding with Google Maps

Reverse geocoding is the process of converting a set of coordinates (latitude/longitude) into a human-readable address. The most common reason to do this with Google Maps is to plot the users location on a map, leveraging either their GPS coordinates (if available) or their estimated position using WiFi location data. I have created a prototype […]

My thoughts on Open Universities (OUA)

I have been a student with Open Universities Australia (OUA) for just over a year now, and about to start my fifth unit at the end of this month (Introduction to Japanese I in case you were wondering). Here are some thoughts for anyone contemplating studying with OUA. The jump into University study is a […]

Why most (not all) Internet privacy concerns are silly

I read about Internet privacy concerns in the media often, and am bombarded with these concerns at my job – but I think most arguments about how the Internet gods (Google, Apple, Microsoft) are stealing personal information are not of concern at all. Here’s why… Let me preface this post by stating upfront that I […]

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